Friday, February 1, 2013

It's February. Do you know where your goals are?

So we're a month into 2013. Personally I am loving this year. Last year I honed my intentions and now I'm implementing. And since January is now a memory, I'm looking at the goals I set for myself as 2012 drew to a close.

So far: doing well at vocalizing daily and moving forward with my music.

Said I would read one book a month. Almost done with a novel I'm reading and about halfway through a non-fiction book. Here's an area of improvement for me. Instead of just saying "read more" or "read one book a month" I'm also tracking the movies and shows I watch. I love being in the entertainment industry, but the lines between work and fun can get blurry so I don't want to get to the end of the year and realize I didn't read much (or write, for that matter) and yet somehow found the time to veg out with a zillion hours of watching. This week I've watched 30 minutes and I won't add to that til I finish this novel! (And it's a great one - I'll tell you about it when I'm done!)

Said I was going to redo my headshots. Did all the research into photographers which was a great experience, then realized through that process and talking to some other great mentors of mine that I still want to hone my image so I really know what I want from the photo shoot, and that changing headshots can be a minus because CDs "lose you" therefore I have put the shoot on hold until that process is complete, and in the meantime I will continue communicating with the CDs who bring me in regularly so that when I do change my photos they won't lose track of me.

Also said I would keep in touch with my target list. I sent postcards to most of them this month, so that was good. I also know I want to create a one-sheet that says more about me, and this has been a roadblock for me in the past. Part of it is my insecurity. Part of it is that I'm not a very good graphic designer. Part of it is my computer. I am going to buy a new computer by the end of February, and I am going to ask for testimonials, and I am going to ask for help (ie, hire someone) if by February 20th I haven't done it!

I have known for a while that I have been wanting to work on my acting technique so I audited a class that came highly recommended and signed up. I start February 12th.

I also said I was going to start looking for a manager. I haven't done anything about this. Partly due to overcommitment, but mostly because I still have awkwardness around it. I will ask for at least one referral this month.

Yeah, it's going to be another busy month in Harmonyland!

Are you moving forward on the lofty 2013 goals you set a month ago? Please share what you've accomplished as well as your thoughts on why things haven't moved forward if that's the case. As always I love it when this becomes a conversation!


  1. Yes - I said I wanted to read at least three books this year (didn't set my standards too high on that goal - just wanted to get SOME reading done as I felt last year I didn't do ANY ugggh!).. Anyways, I've already finished two books and am re-reading a play I read in high school - good times!

    Other goals are coming along great! :) Progress, progress!

    1. So proud of you! Re-aligning with your purpose and it's already all starting to happen! Can't wait to see that OG spot on the air too! :)


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